Arjun Group of Industries is the brain child of Mr. Arjun Kr. Jaiswal. He wanted to venture in fields which were new to him; he always wanted to explore new ideas in modern business. Late. Arjun Kumar Jaiswal was a man with vision. Today’s Arjun Group of Industries, is the tree whose seeds were sowed by him years ago.Before he left us for the heavenly abode, he had already laid the foundation stones of the huge business house “ARJUN GROUP”.

  • He started his business career with almost nothing. His hard work, commitment and perseverance gave him everything or more than everything that he wanted.
  • At the beginning of his journey, he dreamt of a revolving chair and rupees one crore bank balance, which he achieved in a very short span of time.
  • He had a constant companion in his journey, his wife, Smt. Bina Devi Jaiswal, whom he married on 8 th. Of March, 1982. She always stood beside him as a pillar and from her he got the inspiration to fight and to face the challenges.
  • Together they faced a lot of hardships and barriers. But with Almighty’s Blessings, they slowly and steadily build the ARJUN GROUP.
  • Today, Sri. Arjun Kumar Jaiswal, is no more. But Smt. Bina Devi Jaiswal, the Chairperson of Arjun Group of Industries, believes he is there everywhere in the work of ARJUN GROUP.

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