Arjun Group of Industries was founded by Late Sree Arjun kr. Jaiswal. Starting with a small construction firm, he has labored enormously for the betterment of the company. His lion-hearted determination and hard work paid off finally and today he can proudly stand and look back into the past to chart the rate of success his company has undergone. Today Arjun group is the union five child companies which are running successful business across the country.

Lt Sri. Arjun Kumar Jaiswal

Mr.Arjun Kr. Jaiswal was a man with vision. He wanted to venture in fields which were new to him; he always wanted to explore new ideas in modern business. He started his business with a decent capital and then with time, his business spread like wildfire. Through his hard work and dedication he established his business and settled among the top performers in the market. His lion-hearted determination paid off finally and gave birth to six child companies which are now running successful business across the country. Today he can proudly stand and look back into the past to chart the rate of success his company has undergone. Today’s Arjun Group of Industries, is the tree whose seeds were sowed by him years ago. Before he left us for the heavenly abode He used to say, “there are no shortcuts to success”, keeping this rhetoric in mind, Arjun Group continue to grow further.

Smt. Bina Devi Jaiswal

Mrs. Bina Devi Jaiswal is like a pillar of strength to her husband. She contemplated the tough times and hardships and always stood beside her husband if he needed any support, and from her he got the inspiration to fight and to face the challenges. Together they faced a lot of hardships and barriers. But with Almighty’s Blessings, they slowly and steadily build the ARJUN GROUP. With the death of her husband, she and her son took full control of the business and handled every aspect of the business with ease. She and her able son Mr. Ankit kr. Jaiswal together started to run the business with the same zeal as her husband. Today Arjun group continue to expand under their able guidance. Mrs. Bina Devi respected the ideals and principles of her husband, she used to say “Arjun is no more with us, but he is everywhere behind the works of Arjun group,.”

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