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Arjun group NGO services provide a range of online services for non-government organisations (NGOs) to assist them with governance, management, administration and general operations. Our main service to date has been the MSO Subscriber Service – an online governance management and administration service providing resources, downloadable tools and templates, self directed training programs, organisational development programs and a confidential advice service.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new service - the Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP). The SPP is an easy, practical online system for working with quality and service standards. The SPP supports you to complete multiple standards with a single assessment, generate electronic work plans, implement required improvements, view progress and load evidence – with all the tools and resources to make your job easy. One standard or several - the SPP works for you.

It is an established fact that each organization has got its own resources and strengths to succeed in their activities and efforts in all spheres. But our experience says that most of the organizations have capacity and resources to implement the projects but some areas appears to have been critical for them to achieve better results and march forward with the vision they aimed at. Some of the critical areas we have noticed thru formal interactions, news letters often faced by the N.G.Os are Paucity of funds, good documentation, presentation of their profiles, reports on their on going projects, Effective grant proposal writing and follow-up correspondence.

Due to the above shortcomings, most of the organizations have been struggling and the survival has become a big challenge for them. Our consultancy has decided to come forward to provide service in the above said critical areas and wish to play an instrumental role in supporting the organizations to remain committed and serve the communities for longer time.

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