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"Development Encompasses both new-employee orientation as well as training and growth of current workers."

Arjun Group is benifiting from the present economic growth and registering continued upwords sales trend and earnings. the Group has displayed above-average rate of earnings on invested capital for an extended period of time. Prospects for the group appear bright.

We call it Talent Acquisition and development (TAD), which consists of all actions that an organisation takes to attract, develop, and retain quality employes.

It is a motto of every company to look into its future, for its paramount to understand the consequences that may take effect. Also every CEO has a plan set up about the future activities of the company as it is vital for the growth and development.

Job interviews in which candidates are asked to describe specific examples of their skills.

Arjun group also practices various employment motivational workshops.

Recognize, reward, and renew are the three kinds of motivational workshops conducted for our employees by our organization.

Recognition is first, because this is where we have the opportunity to demonstrate to our existing employees that they are doing a good job and that we care.Rewarding is another integral part of the employee motivational process. Keeping in mind that the rewards do not have to be cash. We know whatever the reward is, it has to be of great value to the employee. We do lots of outdoor activities, employment engagement activities. Various trainings are provided to that help in employee knowledge development.

Renewal goes back to the fundamental reasons of why a person was hired. We obviously saw something that this person had to offer which would benefit the organization. Our job is to ensure its continuity.

Finally something about the future activities of the company:

For the first time in Bengal, Arjun group offers job openings for more than 40,000 individuals.
Arjun Group opens doors for aspiring individuals who dream of a successful career in the IT sector.
With investments of more than 150 crores in the IT sector of Bengal within the next 3 years, Arjun group is set to create new standards as the next best employer
Exiting package and an upward career graph are assured for you in Arjun group.

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