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In addition to its standard products, Arjun Group is also in the business of providing services to its customers. We believe that the key to a successful project lies in the synergy of efforts by all concerned parties. Therefore, we offer comprehensive services to the enterprises of various sizes, operating under diverse environments, across verticals. These services include system study, process design and configuration, integration, deployment, implementation and operations support and custom interfaces. In fact, based on the customer requirement, our solutions typically comprise of Enj installation and one or more of the services. We offer our participation through our services in all the phases of automation to ensure a smooth and successful project.

To start with, we undertake the study of operating environment as it exists with current processes, procedures and participants – manual and/or automated. Applying the principle of business representation as against business reengineering, we design and configure the required processes in the shortest possible time. This also includes studying the existing document formats and reports and design them in Enj thereby minimizing the learning curve for the end-users.

For an organization that operates in automated or semi-automated environment, we use Enj to integrate the legacy applications thereby saving on the costs and leveraging the existing investments. Integration may also be required to connect with the other third-party, specialized tools essential for the application in question. Deployment on Enj is really simple as its transaction handling module operates in the background connecting the processes, documents and data interchanges in a seamless manner. We ensure a smooth transition by being actively involved in the implementation phase and offering operations support and end-user training. We conduct user seminars and offer online support on a regular basis.

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Core Strengths
  • Arjun Inc.'s core strength lies in its people equipped with the right blend of professional qualification, industrial experience and individual business expertise.
  • We have ability to commit & deliver.
  • We have wide & innovative service lines.
  • Market awareness & In-depth understanding of all the individual business.
  • Being a part of a Rs. 355 crores conglomerate, we have the flexibility to scale up our resources whenever needed.
Financial strength
Today, arjun Inc, is an important global player and intend to bring up an investment/business of Rs.355 crores in East India within the next three years under the several business verticals.

Its winning strategy is built on a set of defined values and commitments. We are one among the biggest Eastern India having various verticles which are as follows.

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